Custom Ear Pieces

Our clinic offers custom earplugs that provide protection from occupational and recreational noise exposure as well as water-resistant earmolds for those who need to prevent water from entering the ear canal. Our audiologists will work with you to determine what custom product is most appropriate for your needs and then take impressions of your ears to ensure a custom and secure fitting. 

Hearing Protection

Noise -induced hearing loss can occur from exposure to high-intensity sound including: recreational activities, concerts, and industrial work environments. Custom hearing protection is ideal for those who work in an environment where hearing protection is required, for hunters and shooters, motorcyclists, concert attendees, and sporting events enthusiasts. 

Swim Plugs

These prevent water and moisture from entering the ear canals and also float. These are ideal for patients with pressure-equalization tubes (“ear tubes”) and those who are prone to chronic outer ear infections.

Musicians Ear Plugs

These work by reducing sounds evenly across the frequency spectrum, unlike solid plugs, allowing music and speech to be heard naturally at a reduced volume. Additional interchangeable attenuators can be ordered to fit your custom musicians ear plugs to provide different levels of sound reduction for a variety of listening conditions and frequency bands. 

Sleep Plugs

Designed for those who seek comfortable and uninterrupted sleep.