Hearing Aids and Amplification

Hearing Aid Services

Making the decision that you are ready to wear hearing aids can be a difficult one. At Colden and Seymour ENT and Allergy, our staff understands that this is an important step you are taking to improve your quality of life. Our audiologists are here to assist you in the process of selecting the hearing aids that are not only most appropriate for your degree and type of hearing loss, but also best suit your lifestyle, technology preferences, and budget. Our clinic offers an array of hearing aid styles and technology levels from several leading hearing aid manufacturers.  

After working with you through the hearing aid selection process, our staff will then guide you through the fitting and follow-up care associated with your devices as well as ensure you understand we are available for the ongoing servicing of your devices over their lifetime. Our goal is to make this entire experience as simple and enjoyable for you as we can. When you are ready, please contact our office so we can assist you in beginning your journey to better hearing.

Your Pathway to Better Hearing

Schedule Your Appointment 

Call our office to schedule your initial appointment in the office of your choosing 

Diagnostic Evaluation

Your initial appointment you will consist of a diagnostic audiological evaluation and review of your test results with one of our audiologists immediately followed by a consultation appointment with one of our ear, nose, and throat physiciansBased upon your test results and case history, your audiologist may recommend you be scheduled for a hearing aid evaluation appointment 

Hearing Aid Evaluation Appointment

 You are encouraged to bring a family, friend, or loved one to this appointment. During this time, your audiologist will discuss with you hearing aid options, styles, technology and pricing and provide their recommendation based upon your test results, case history, and communication needs. Once a decision on which product(s) are to be ordered, your audiologist will schedule you for a hearing aid fitting appointment, typically within two weeks time. 

Fitting Appointment

At this appointment, your hearing aid(s) will be fit specifically to your type and degree of hearing loss. Your audiologist will educate you on proper insertion and removal of your device(s) as well ensure you are knowledgeable about the use and care of your device(s).  

Follow Up Appointment(s)

Typically, you will return to the office within one to two weeks of your initial fitting appointment. During this time, your audiologist will address and questions or concerns you may have as well as provide any programming or fine-tuning adjustments that may be needed. 

Hearing Aid Maintenance

If you are in need of a hearing aid repair or hearing aid supplies, please contact our office so your provider can schedule an appointment, or hearing aid drop off time, or leave supplies for you at reception for you to pick up at your earliest convenience. If at any point in time you are in need of hearing aid programming or fine tuning adjustments, please contact your provider to schedule an in office hearing aid check appointment. At this time, we do not have scheduled walk-in hours and require that you contact your provider prior to coming into one of our office locations.

Assistive Listening Devices

For patients who cannot wear hearing aids or for those whom hearing aids may not be the most appropriate option, your audiologist may recommend a supplemental assistive listening device.  These devices have the opportunity to improve the listener’s ability to hear speech in potentially a one-on-one listening situation, in background noise, or at a distance. Common devices that our audiologists recommend for patients include Pocket Talkers and TV Ears.